Whole House Inspection

From Foundation To Roof, & Everything In Between

Whole House Inspection In Kalamazoo

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, we recommend our complete home inspection so that you know the real condition of your property and can make the most informed decisions. If this is your house and you need a repair schedule to safeguard your investment, a whole house inspection is just what you need.

We have performed precise whole home inspections in Kalamazoo, MI for years. During a full house inspection, we check every possible problem area. We only deliver one type of thorough inspection, and we use every tool available in the industry today to give you a sense of the property’s condition.

Don’t settle for a Kalamazoo whole home inspector who is only certified. Get the upper hand in your real estate transaction with a technically advanced full house inspection from a licensed individual.

We bring to you what other home inspection businesses in Kalamazoo can’t. Before we discuss your home, we listen to your concerns to take the anxiety out of purchasing your new home. Purchasing your house will most likely be the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. There are quite a few steps to buying a home.

The first crucial step is a whole house inspection. At first look, a property can seem to be in perfect condition. Too often, issues come to surface after the sale. With a full home inspection, you, the home seller and buyer alike, can make informed decisions about the purchase, sale or renovation of your house.

Selecting the right Kalamazoo home inspector can be just as critical as choosing the right house. Why? Because most houses have defects that you may see or have the technical knowledge to detect. A skilled house inspector in Kalamazoo with years of experience will know where to look for visual signs of defects in your new house. Problems not found can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair or replacement work after you move in.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

Your whole house inspection is an unbiased evaluation of the condition of the home you’re considering. It is imperative that your house inspector doesn’t have a financial or any other interest in the home to give you a total independent report.

A complete, professional examination of a house while being impartial will give helpful information.

A professional inspection of the whole house, of all accessible parts and areas, regardless of the size of your house, will determine if there are any problem areas or significant deficiencies to be handled before closing.

If you find that you can’t attend the on-site house inspection, we will gladly review concerns by phone with you followed by a written report. Digital photos of major defects are included in your whole house inspection report.

Quality Whole House Inspections in Kalamazoo, MI

Quality is not an option, you should expect it!

Our clients include not only potential homebuyers, but also individuals involved in investment property, homeowners, public agencies, condominium associations, non-profit agencies, and lawyers. Veteran real estate pros understand the value of having an independent third party help them in realizing their property needs

Commercial Property Inspection


A sturdy, leak-free foundation is crucial to the quality of a house. We inspect the foundation for any deterioration, settling, or damage. We also examine all accessible crawl spaces. We use mapping tools with thermal imaging and scans to ensure you’re not purchasing a cat in a bag.


We inspect the property’s structure for the quality of the framing and look for deterioration or damage due to settlement or adverse weather. Our inspection involves a complete check of the condition of the interior and exterior surfaces, walls, floors, attic framing, insulation, and ceilings.

Plumbing System

We inspect for the condition and types of supply and waste lines, including vents, traps, and drains. Also, we check the status of the water heater and HVAC unit. We document any visible weaknesses or leaks in the plumbing system. Thermal scan and imaging help us pinpoint leaks inside the framing.

Electrical System

We inspect the wiring and electrical service, where visible, for condition and capacity. Unsafe electrical practices, such as ungrounded plugs, faulty wiring, or unprotected conductors, will be pointed out.

Roof and Attic

During the roof inspection, we assess its full condition and look for visible signs of leakage. We also examine the state of the downspouts, flashing, rain caps, and gutters. We have good relationships with a few Kalamazoo roofers who can give you an estimate for replacement or repairs according to our findings. This way, you have the number of necessary replacement or repairs for your real estate transaction.

Other Areas

Our whole house inspection also includes porches, decks, and fireplaces. If needed, we can provide information and estimates about any repair work within our report which makes it easy for your home buying or selling process.